Chevelle @ Fillmore / Denver, CO / 2017

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Weren’t you guys just here in January? Yes. I was there. But that was in Boulder. Does that even count? At the Fillmore this time. However, I think the Boulder show was better. Tighter. Smaller. Oh well.



  • Another Know It All
  • The Clincher
  • Young Wicked
  • Take Out the Gunman
  • An Island
  • Jars
  • Vitamin R (Leading Us Along)
  • Closure
  • Rivers
  • Joyride (Omen)
  • Face to the Floor
  • Still Running
  • I Get It
  • Door to Door Cannibals
  • Hats Off to the Bull
  • The Red
  • Comfortable Liar
  • Forfeit
  • Send the Pain Below