RV: Montana

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For the final leg of the trip, we went up to Montana to visit some friends. We stopped in Bozeman at some really nice hot springs for one night. Then went up to Helena. Montana had a Colorado vibe to it — but more country. Probably how where we live was before all the people (like us) showed up.  We … Read More

RV: Yellowstone

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We stayed several days in this park. What can I say? Such an amazing and diverse place. A park like none other. We saw everything that you are supposed to see. We drove pretty much every road in the park (except the east portal). Felt like we covered a lot of ground. Probably the only thing not captured in photos … Read More

RV: Grand Tetons

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Time for the first real RV trip! We had the destinations picked out long before the RV was a reality. So now it was time to pack up and head northwest to…Wyoming? While much of Wyoming is a big vast nothingness, the NW corner packs some of the best landscape in the United States. And there it appeared on the … Read More

RV Life

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This spring we decided as a family that we needed to hit the road a bit more. When we started going to Leadville, we only went to Leadville. It is nice to have a home base in the mountains but it closes your mind to anything that is too far from home. So we started looking at campers. We shopped … Read More

Metallica @ Mile High / Denver, CO / 2017

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It had been too long since there was a Metallica stadium tour. For me, it was the show of the summer — even though I have watched like every concert they do on YouTube. Just an old fan boy. And it never gets old. This tour had a set design Metallica had been using the past few years but I … Read More