Chevelle @ Boulder Theater / Boulder, CO / 2017

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Chevelle @ Boulder, CO

This was a show of firsts. I haven’t ever seen a concert at Boulder Theater. Hell, I have never seen a single concert at any Boulder venue. My bands don’t go there. This was different. Nice and close. It’s a good venue too. Wish I could go there more.

Chevelle @ Boulder, CO

A little late to arrive so I held back on the 1st platform but it made for a clearer view for short people like me. Pete was right in front and I enjoyed watching him play up close. I love his guitar style. I wish I could pull it off.

Chevelle @ Boulder, CO

Another first was seeing Chevelle headline. Usually I catch them supporting with a shorter set. This was nice to see much more from them.

Thanks for finishing a tour in Boulder, Chevelle!


  • Another Know It All
  • The Clincher
  • An Island
  • Take Out the Gunman
  • Get Some
  • Jars
  • Rivers
  • Joyride (Omen)
  • Face to the Floor
  • Still Running
  • I Get It
  • Hats Off to the Bull
  • Door to Door Cannibals
  • Forfeit
  • An Evening With El Diablo
  • The Red
  • Send the Pain Below