Five Finger Death Punch @ Pepsi Center / Denver, CO / 2016

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This show was a pretty big deal. Seeing 5FDP go from small venue to the largest one we have indoors in Colorado seemed like a victory for metal. There are not a lot of shows at the Pepsi Center that I go to.

Five Finger Death Punch @ Denver

Ivan made a big deal about this telling stories about how he went from band to band in Denver before making it with this band. Local boy done good. It was cool to see.

Five Finger Death Punch @ Denver

Otherwise, the set was a little less bling than prior shows I have seen of theirs. But that was OK.

Five Finger Death Punch @ Denver

You can see Ivan showing some emotion in this clip…

  • Lift Me Up
  • Never Enough
  • Wash It All Away
  • Got Your Six
  • Bad Company
  • Jekyll and Hyde
  • Burn MF
  • Wrong Side of Heaven
  • Remember Everything
  • Coming Down
  • Under and Over It
  • The Bleeding