Dark Necessities

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Hi. What’s up? It’s been a while. Yeah, I know. Kinda been doing other things for a change. Why? I don’t know. Boredom. Frustration? Well, everybody seems to have moved to other things lately. Yeah, seems so. What’s your plan? I am not sure if I have one yet. But over the summer, I spent more time in Leadville on … Read More

Slipknot & Marilyn Manson @ Pepsi Center / Denver, CO / 2016

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If this was at Red Rocks like it was supposed to be at before the reschedule, this would have been a perfect show. I enjoy seeing Manson. I love the music. What can I say. Angel With the Scabbed Wings Disposable Teens No Reflection mOBSCENE Killing Strangers Irresponsible Hate Anthem The Dope Show Sweet Dreams Antichrist Superstar Coma White The … Read More