Bodies In Motion

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Another winter week of training down. Nothing spectacular mileage wise but I feel consistent. 6 runs in 7 days. Combined with 5 CrossFit sessions. Those double days are tough both physically and time-wise. But I am getting through it. I do feel like there should be some more rest in there somewhere. But I always feel guilty taking it. Ran … Read More

Nothing Comes Easy

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Colorado Winters are pretty bi-polar. You get some cold spells but in between you get days like today where it was in the 70s in January. That’s pretty impossible not to love. Yesterday, was pretty nice too. The weekly dog outing up Green Mountain occurred. Here is the usual shot. I enjoy having the dogs on the run. There is … Read More

Somewhere I Belong

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Spent the past weekend in Leadville. What is happening to the snow? I swear there was zero accumulation since we were there 2 weeks earlier for the New Years Holiday. Let’s get on that. The winter started strong but it is kind of fizzling out now. I didn’t even have to shovel on arrival. I took the dogs for a … Read More


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Registered for Run Rabbit Run 100 in September yesterday. I still have a few more items on the bucket list. Steamboat just gets me back into the mix on one of those. And I needed a break from the usual. It has been icy here all week so I have opted to delay my return to the run a bit. … Read More

The Great Flood

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Note to self: When you are in Leadville and the person watching your home in Longmont calls and says your basement is full of water, it is not good. So this pipe blew while I was 100 miles away. Possibly could have been spraying for up to 24 hours prior to somebody calling it in. So they turned off the … Read More