Trivium @ Summit Music Hall / Denver, CO / 2015

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I was excited for Trivium to return in a headlining appearance. Small venue but that’s good for the better fan experience. This band has a few different eras in my mind and they played from each of them which was fine by me. Enjoyed the set and the performance.

Concert - Trivium @ Denver, CO / 2015-10-20

Matt has improved vocal range on this new album. Much more singing. Apparently, the title track was written years ago but he didn’t have the voice skills to pull it off until now.

Concert - Trivium @ Denver, CO / 2015-10-20

This was the last stop on their headlining tour so they were in party mode a bit. I guess they are headed to Knotfest this weekend. That would have been a fun trip.

Concert - Trivium @ Denver, CO / 2015-10-20

I was watching an old concert video from Trivium and it was amazing to see the quality in this iPhone 6s video versus whatever I was using in 2009. The audio is decent. The video is amazing. I want to shoot one in 4K just for kicks and see what that looks like. Haven’t played with it yet.


  • Silence in the Snow
  • Down from the Sky
  • Becoming the Dragon
  • Strife
  • Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr
  • Like Light to the Flies
  • Built to Fall
  • Until the World Goes Cold
  • Throes of Perdition
  • Anthem (We Are the Fire)
  • Black
  • A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation
  • Blind Leading the Blind
  • Dying in Your Arms
  • In Waves

Trivium remains a favorite. Their songs continue to fuel many of my runs.