Swim WOD #2

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CrossFit Longmont hit the pool again this weekend for our 2nd swim WOD (Workout Of the Day) of the summer. Great to get in the pool after a tough week at the gym. Sarge let me program the workout so I was stressing for a few weeks thinking about how to change it up but keep it interesting for all levels. So this is what we did:

20 Burpees
250m Freestyle swim
20 Hand release push ups
250m Flutter kick w/ kickboards
20 Burpees

Turns out the 20 burpees to start really got you moving then when you jumped in the pool it was a bit disorienting for a minute. The swim was 10 lengths of the pool so that broke out the swimmers from the not-so-swimmers. The push ups were a nice break but then it was back in the pool all wobbly for the kickboard. I figured that 10 lengths would really wear on the legs for most. But it would have you breathing well with your head out of water. Plus, you could taunt the fellow competitor in the next lane. The final burpees were a mad rush for everyone who was trying to squeak out a fast time. Ended up with most folks in the 15 to 20 minute range.

Swim WOD

Sydney held her own again and took down a few adults. Kim and the rest of the kids came by and got to watch her do her work. I think they were impressed!

Smaller crowd this time around but summer weekends are always tough to get a critical mass. Thanks to everyone for coming out and getting wet!