Paved Paradise

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Yes, Joni (and Justin). And we put up a parking lot.


So I have been trying to get a driveway put in at the cabin for a few years. No luck. Contractors don’t complete the bid. Or they don’t ever show up. The mountain work ethic always leaves a lot to be desired. So Kim and I are asleep and I hear someone hooking a horn and saying “hello” outside. WTF. I look out and there is a road crew car with lights on top and a guy standing there. I go out in my boxers all groggy and ask if he needs help. He goes on to explain that he is paving a parking lot up the road and he has a load of asphalt he needs to move quickly. He says it looks like I could use a driveway. Am I interested?

Seriously, I don’t know what to think. Is this some practical joke? Yeah, I want a driveway. When? Now, he says. Equipment is rolling down the road. No pressure. How much? He needs to move it so it is about 1/2 price of prior quotes on asphalt. This wasn’t what I had planned to do today but now it just became what we are doing.


Trucks show up with machinery minutes later and they start grading out what we have. We pulled out our landscaping prints and they quickly traced the borders out. A few hours of prep and they started pouring hot asphalt. I was still sort of amazed. Neighbors started coming over saying they were looking for an asphalt guy too. This guy ends up doing 3 more driveways in our neighborhood this week.


So we paved paradise. But it wasn’t paradise. I had been snowblowing a dirt driveway for 4 winters. I was sick of breaking shear pins. Never again. And the dirt and dust and mud? Gone. At least from the cars. We still have plenty of non-pavement acreage to keep us occupied.

The whole thing was surreal.