RIP Yoshi

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Today, our orange cat, Yoshi, was sitting in Kim’s lap. Suddenly, he kind of fell off of her like he lost consciousness. I heard Kim scream from the other room. When I went in Kim was picking him up and he was gasping for air. Then suddenly his mouth opened wide and his eyes got fully dilated. He was dead.

It was shocking to say the least. No warning. He was not sick. He was just 4 years old.

Kim took him to the vet and they believed it was a stroke or a heart attack. The whiteness of his mouth indicated some blood loss consistent with those types of events.

We told the kids and they cried. It only took Kayla about 15 minutes to suggest we get a new kitten to cope with the loss. I think the kids will be fine. I feel for my wife though. This wasn’t suppose to happen today.

Sorry, little buddy. That one shocked us.