Volbeat @ Broomfield, CO

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I saw the last Volbeat show they did in the US back in Las Vegas last year. Since then, then have been on hiatus. Tonight, they returned to the US for their headlining tour and the first stop was Denver. Do I have rock karma or what? They played in Broomfield which means it is an all ages show unlike … Read More

The Chipotle Assembly Line Nightmare

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Dear Chipotle, I am increasingly frustrated when I visit your establishment. I am a 15 year veteran of the place. I know exactly what to say and how to get through the line using the minimal number of phrases required to efficiently order my meal. However, sometimes your side seems like some Three Stooges skit taking place. Take tonight for … Read More

Closing Day

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While our usual Ski Cooper closed weeks ago, other Colorado resorts stay open longer. Usually post-Spring Break, I have no interest in skiing. I am waiting on warm weather! But this year, I had a desire for one last run. So with a large snowstorm dropping a lot of powder, we headed up to Cooper Mountain for their Closing Day! … Read More

South Of The Border

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After an 8 year hiatus, it was finally time to return to Mexico. My Mom, sister, and her boyfriend were joining us so we felt like revisiting a past trip to the Riveria Maya was a solid choice. Staying at Iberostar, we had a great time there with the little kids because there is a lot to do. The weather … Read More