Snowmobiling Vail Pass

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Eric was in town so we headed up to Leadville and skied all day at Ski Cooper. The place wasn’t too busy because everyone was there for the 10th Mountain Division day. All these army dudes skiing around. Some were dressed in the original 50s(?) outfits and skis and rifles. They had a parade down the mountain on skies as well.

10th Mountain Division

The next day, Eric wanted to relive a past adventure of snowmobiling in the Rockies. So he booked us at Nova Guides for a 4 hour self-guided tour. I grew up snowmobiling in Indiana with trips to Michigan for real snow. But I have never ridden a sled in my now home state of Colorado. So it was a new adventure for me! We got a few touring sleds and headed out.

Snowmobile Map

This trail system is pretty standard for ATVs so I felt right at home on this type of terrain. Need to go back in the summer and see exactly what the road looked like. We cruised all the way up to the top of Ptarmigan Pass. No views as we were whited out. We went all the way north out to I-70 at the Vail Pass exit. Then turned and came back around. Found lots of people out there skiing the powder. They were basically “water skiing” behind the snowmobiles uphill. Getting dropped off at the top then rendezvousing again at the end of the run below. Eric was convinced we should never buy a ski pass again — but we gotta buy a snowmobile first. Lots of people in snowcats too taking the scenes in or being dropped to ski. How about some video?

Good times! See Eric get stuck? He missed the trail and buried the sled in deep powder. I wasn’t without fault though. I was getting braver as the day went on and found myself playing in some fresh powder on a summit area. Slowed down too much and the bottom dropped out. It is not fun trying to breathe and pull a sled out of that much snow.

Great weekend of mountain activities. Added another option to my Leadville entertainment menu for future visitors!