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Another winter week of training down. Nothing spectacular mileage wise but I feel consistent. 6 runs in 7 days. Combined with 5 CrossFit sessions. Those double days are tough both physically and time-wise. But I am getting through it. I do feel like there should be some more rest in there somewhere. But I always feel guilty taking it.

Green Mountain

Ran a little faster around my half-marathon loop on Saturday. Legs were a little soft though from the week. We did some weighted lunges early in the week at CrossFit and those set me back for days. However, I was able to “win” one of my WODs this week where we got to carry weights for 500m. 3 different ways: carry kettlebells, carry a weighted barbell, then carry a plate. I fast walked the first 2 pretty quickly. Then I was running with the plate on the last one. Finally something I am good at.

Green Mountain

Dogs and I enjoyed our weekend outing in the fresh snowfall. But we had to hurry and get home for the big event. No, not the Super Bowl. Reagan had a birthday party for her boys.