Nothing Comes Easy

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Colorado Winters are pretty bi-polar. You get some cold spells but in between you get days like today where it was in the 70s in January. That’s pretty impossible not to love. Yesterday, was pretty nice too. The weekly dog outing up Green Mountain occurred. Here is the usual shot.

Green Mountain

I enjoy having the dogs on the run. There is a certain amount of wrangling required but it is worth it. They get home and are super tired. Then bug me to do it again the next day. If you struggle to be active, get an active dog and succumb to their needs.


At the summit, I bumped into JV. Well, there was minor coordination. We headed back down the back. You can tell it was warm out. JV had his jacket around his waist.


The melting snow had the meadow all muddy. But we were talking and I wasn’t paying attention and bam. I did a GZ. A bunch of blood and mud. Nothing major. But it looked good as I went into Best Buy and Jimmy John’s on the way home. “What the hell happened to you?”, said everybody. “Bear”, I shrugged.


Pretty much ran every day this week. It got interestingly easier every day. Doesn’t take long to get this firing. Hit CrossFit 5 days this week too. Kind of becoming a 2-fer thing — gym in the AM, run in the PM. I pretty much smell all day that way. I haven’t lost a pound yet though. I feel like I am adding weight. Muscle? Maybe. I definitely am sore by the end of the week and feel better on Monday after the break from the gym over the weekend. Recovery.


This plan better work. I feel like I am putting a lot into it. Feeling tired and sore in all the right places. But better yet, I think I am having fun. I can’t wait to hunt.