A Day in the Life2 Comments

Registered for Run Rabbit Run 100 in September yesterday. I still have a few more items on the bucket list. Steamboat just gets me back into the mix on one of those. And I needed a break from the usual.


It has been icy here all week so I have opted to delay my return to the run a bit. Instead, I spent my week in the “box”. Every class is learning more jargon but that’s fun. Running has its own lingo too. Knocked out 5 classes in the 6 days they are open a week. Skipped one day because of work and I felt a little sore and figured I could use the day. Every class leaves me sore in new ways. I am getting my monies worth on this.

Luckily, the box is closed on Sunday so it forced me out into the great wilderness for my workout. The dogs looked at me like “thank god”. So we hit Green in the light snowfall. Thought it was going to be a cold one but it was pretty nice. New microspikes were required.


The basement is done being broken down now. Time to restore. That’s all the drywall they ended up cutting out. Insulation was wet back there. The pipe that drops down there is the one that broke. That goes through the wall to an outside faucet. Up at the top in the crease between the ceiling and the wall is where it broke. Insurance adjuster from Allstate was wonderful. Came out and direct deposited the damage estimate that day. Now the work begins. We can submit any additional things found or overages too. So some insulation, drywall, baseboards, and carpet. Then we will be back in business.