More Blowing

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Previously, previously. Another appointment at the pulmonologist. A few different things on the docket for today. First up, another breathing test. Same deal as last time. Breath normal and then you take a huge fast breath and then exhale painfully long. Then you do it again after sucking on some albuterol as seen above. Well, here are the numbers for … Read More

Ski Weekend

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With a 4 day weekend and Natalee and Chad in town, the girls got some more time on the slopes. I got my first pair of new googles in like a decade so I was excited to be sporting my new iridium lens. Nobody can see my eyes now. Kayla said its creepy. This was my ski buddy. We have … Read More

My Back Hurts Now

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After what was likely the longest TO Leadville commute ever, we arrived late last night to find more snow than we have seen in years. My driveway entrance was piled as high as the windows in my Hummer. There was no way I was driving in tonight. So I spent from 12:00 AM to 1:30 AM with the snowblower making … Read More

Something Snapped

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I started into my daily routine of suiting up for my run. Then something was wrong. The band fell off my watch. The rubber had ripped around the clasp. Damn. It almost felt rewarding for a second. This watch goes on all adventures and daily grinds with me. Its the only consistent thing I take that I don’t have backups … Read More

Exhale As Hard As You Can

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Previously. Today was the next visit to the pulmonologist. It started off with a breathing test. They had me stop all drugs 24 hours before. I put a tube in my mouth and she clipped my nose and had me sit and breath normally. Then when she said go, I had to breathe in real fast and then exhale as … Read More