A Sanitas Reunion

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I picked up this guy and we hit Sanitas today along with my dogs. Decent day but a bit windy when we got down there. I haven’t run with JV in months. Everybody has been busy, hurt or on hiatus. Enough of that!


First mountain run with the new watch. One cool thing it does is that it communicates via Bluetooth with my iPhone. So as soon as the run was done, it sent the run to my phone which uploaded it to Garmin Connect. No hands! Then Strava pulls from Garmin Connect. So on the way home, I started getting a few Strava kudos on the run I just completed without ever posting it. And those kudos…they show up as alerts on your watch while you are driving. The future is now.

I wore the new HRM monitor too. It draws a lot of graphs about “Vertical Oscillation” and “Ground Contact Time”. I will report back if those actually mean anything. Here is the data.