Oh Whoopie

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Fall is here. Fall sucks. It gets colder in Fall. Days get shorter. If you like that, then you are some kind of terrorist. The best season is summer. Then winter. Spring and Fall have equal suckiness. But I give the nod to Fall over Spring because of the Colorado wind. Its not runner friendly. Some day I will just live wherever it is summer all the time. And maybe travel to ski when I want some winter. That will be great.

My shin is healed. So I am back on the move. It was 3 weeks start to finish. Struggled to run 1 mile. Then 2. Then got to 4. Lots of rest days. Now its solid. Did Green Mountain Saturday. Did a 16 miler on Sunday. Money. Except that I am slow as molasses now. Maybe things will turn around quickly. If I don’t hurt something else.

The Boulder Marathon (and half) got canceled 2 weeks out. Lots of bogus excuses about the flood, deaths, and other whining. Then the Internet kicked in. They found out no permits were pulled. This got enough people angry and the Boulder District Attorney is now investigating. The word on the street is that the race director is a scammer. Never pays his bills or does so much after the fact after threats. Loser. Its s shame a race that hold the title of “Boulder” turned to crap. The old race management always seemed great. This new flake is a flake. I am sure it can be recovered in later years. But I still want my money back.

I read Boston is full. I think. So my pressure to BQ next month at Denver Rock and Rolling is lesser so. But it would still be good for a 2016 Boston. But eh. We will see what the next 4 weeks brings for training.

If Fall has its way, it will crap on my plans every day then deliver a blistering hot race day. Welcome to Colorado.