Godsmack / Seether / Skillet / Buckcherry / Pop Evil @ Broomfield, CO / 2014

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Pretty excited about the line up for this show. Not a bad band involved. So let’s do them in order!

Pop Evil was up first. This is a shame because they are one of my favorite up and comers. But I guess they aren’t selling as many albums as the other guys just yet. They played for like 25 minutes to a smaller but passionate crowd. Had to get there at 6 to see them play! So it was a short set but they worked it pretty hard and skipped all the slow songs. I hope they won more fans. Love seeing them. Wish Syd could have gone but school night rules.

Pop Evil


Last Man Standing

Goodbye My Friend

Sick Sense

Torn to Pieces

Deal with the Devil


Buckcherry was up next. They have a few songs I like but I have never dug into them. The lead singer has a very Steven Tyler vibe. Like to sing about bitches, say fuck, and talk about drugs. Total rock star persona. A few new songs I hadn’t heard off the new album and they were catchy. As you can see from the photo, I had escaped off the floor to eat some food while watching them. Enjoyed the performance and will be downloading a few more of their tunes.



Lit Up

Somebody Fucked With Me



Say Fuck It


I Don’t Give A Fuck

Crazy Bitch

Skillet followed. I was surprised at the level of crowd participation with these guys. I have always written them off because they are a Christian metal band. I don’t care about your religion while we are rocking out. The songs aren’t overtly messaged though. So even with the rest of these rock bands on the bill, these guys seemed to hold the crowd. The lead singer is pretty passionate during the performance. I kept thinking his wife was the drummer but she is actually lead guitar. Hmmm. The final move though was when he gave a shout out to Jesus Christ. Never heard that at a metal show before.



Whispers in the Dark

Sick of It


Not Gonna Die

Awake and Alive




Now was Seether. This was the reason I was there. I love them. They have been a constant rotation on my runs for years now. However, I have seen them quite a few times lately and the performances seem about the same each time. They play the radio hits mostly and then take pauses between songs while Shaun’s guitar whines. I was sort of bored. Too bad. I wish they would play more of the songs I like that aren’t the most popular.




Rise Above This

Words As Weapons

Fine Again



Country Song

Fake It


And the headliner! They didn’t start until 10 PM…on a weeknight! The Smack is back! Godsmack took the stage after a AC/DC backed video of them coming up over the years. They have been on a break for a few years and I was sort of wondering if they would ever return. However, with a new album, they showed they haven’t lost anything. I think the songs are really good and slightly different and richer. I have been playing it for weeks.


I have seen them several times over their history. Funny that the last time was in this same venue. So it felt like a flashback…in a good way. New songs and old songs interleaved. Stage show was modest but good enough.


They did their classic drum battle which I always enjoy. Sully knows how to jam. Then during Whatever, they did some of the usual shenanigans but added a new twist. After plenty of ribbing about local sports vs. New England teams, Sully brought out a cart of beer cups. Those Solo red cups. They poured into them. Then he said he would be sending them out to the crowd to test our catching skills. He hurled the Solo cups in a fashion that kept the beer in tact into the crowd. People were catching them and pounding the beer. Then he went to the sides. Long throws. He was heaving them. Beers flying all over. People were mostly catching them with beer in tact. Never seen that one before.



Generation Day

Cryin’ Like a Bitch

What’s Next

Locked and Loaded

Keep Away

The Enemy

Something Different

Straight Out of Line




Batalla de los Tambores



I Stand Alone

I guess that’s the end of the summer tours here for me. Strong show to close out the season! I would see any of those bands again.