Leadville Boom Days Burro Race 2014

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Previously. My buddy, George Zack, and Jack the Burro won the 2014 Leadville Burro Race again! That’s 20+ miles of running — including a trip to the top of Mosquito Pass (13,000′). He won last week in Fairplay at the World Championships as well. One more race next week in Buena Vista to see if he can take home the … Read More

Annual Unofficial LT100 Night Run 2014

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Previously, previously, previously, previously. The tradition continues. Another night run in the books! Kim and I opened up our home to runners seeking to compete in the Leadville Trail 100 in two weeks for a final preparation run. We run from Fish Hatchery along the course until we intersect with my house. Then we treat the runners to a warm … Read More