Leadville Begins Now

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Its 4 AM in Leadville. The shotgun just fired. We are off! My 5th year in a row. Why Leadville? Why run 100 miles? This video touches on it for me. Track me! #247 @ http://results.chronotrack.com/event/results/event/event-6391?lc=en See you Sunday.

Serious Preparation

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We are almost there. Hang in there. Leadville overload will stop soon enough. Today was race check-in. Always a big deal to get the bib and the band on your wrist. You don’t get to take the band off until you cross the line or quit trying. Another new number for me. They do these alphabetical these days so I … Read More


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Tim and I were sitting at my kitchen table in Leadville on an overcast afternoon. I had my back to the sliding glass door. Tim suddenly says something to the effect of “there is a bear in front of your house”. What? I turn around to see a black bear meandering across our front yard. He checks out our hummingbird … Read More


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The halfway point at Leadville is a place called Winfield. Its an old ghost town that comes to life with droves of people on race day. Its the hardest place on the course for crews to get to. And its one of the easiest spots for runners to call it a day. The “Leadville 50” as we call it at … Read More


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I enjoy learning. Whether it be a new skill or factoid, it makes my brain feel bigger by knowing more. The interesting thing about running a hundred miles is that you always learn something. Sometimes a lot of things. The best part of it is that you aren’t learning about some boring topic. You are learning about yourself. What could … Read More