My Comfort Zone

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I turn 40 this year. God damn. That seems old.

In my 20s, I had fun making waves. Somewhere in my 30s, I lost the desire to do that. Less stress. Less trouble in life. Spend my time on other things. Things that mattered more. Supposedly.

And somehow through that transition, I lost a key attribute that I had previously cultivated. Getting out of my comfort zone. Maybe not with everything I do but there are a few specific things where I lost this edge.

So I think its time to face my fears there with respect to running. I need to admit I have become a slow runner. I am afraid of fast.

On Monday, I registered for the Boulder 1/2 Marathon and the Denver Marathon. Less than 2 months out. No real thought went into it other than forcing myself to go run races that I used to run. Facing my PR demons. Facing the fact that I have to practice running fast for a while. I despise running fast. It usually hurts.

Being a fast runner will benefit me in the things I want to do. The things I still need to do. I haven’t run a marathon proper since Boston 2010. That’s too long ago. It was one of my top 3 best executed races ever. I felt like I could step away. But now its clear that I need to get out of my comfort zone and return to the marathon to put some speed back in my running.

Will I be able to run a PR at Denver? No way. Oh maybe a course record for me there but I don’t plan on breaking 3 hours by any stretch. 3:15 is the BQ time for me these days. Which is what it was before! They have since revised the times and I got older. So its net the same.

Therefore, this week I started one of my old training plans. I had to do intervals today. It sucked. I cramped out and bailed about 1/2 through. But that’s just week 1. I will be back tomorrow and every day until the race. Plenty of time.

So do something that takes you out of your comfort zone today. Like holding a flaming stick. Or doing intervals. Or challenging the win at your local race. It will be good for you.