Insuring Nature

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My insurance company in Leadville denied our renewal after a site inspection. We were deemed a fire hazard. You get this worksheet and you get so many points you can score. We had too many. So in order to keep my house on the up and up, we had to call in some pros to help us do the heavy lifting. We had the fire department out for an inspection. They thought we were in good shape. But if you were being picky, they gave us a few suggestions.

So we hired a forestry company. They came in with a crew and did a single day of cleanup. Removed 80 trees from the property. Mostly up around the house. Clearing clumps. Removing trees that were not healthy — usually ones that split as they rise. Lots of trimming and pruning.

I also had them remove a large tree that was right in my line of sight from my breakfast seat to La Plata Peak. Ah, very nice now.

In the meantime, we spent the days raking our dirt to remove the pine needles that had accumulated over the years. We built a huge pile of them and had the largest bonfire in history. Too hard to haul away. And the funny thing was they didn’t burn worth a shit. I had to keep pouring lighter fluid on them like crazy to make them burn. Fire hazard? Right.

So we are cleaned up and awaiting inspection #2. Hopefully this is actually a healthier forest on the property now so we can get some diversity in the species. But I doubt it. Nothing tends to grow at 10,000 feet except lodge-pole pines.

Oh and the equipment of the day — the wood chipper. That thing would just eat any full size tree that they put into it. Amazing.

Tree Removal

Tree Removal