Talking Leadville On The Podcast

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Last August, Gary and Tim, the famous hosts of Elevation Trail, stayed at the Fuller Compound in Leadville during the Leadville Trail 100 Run. We had a great time chatting about all things racing. Afterwards, the race got some bad publicity for its overcrowded scene. Gary and Tim addressed some of the issues on their show back then.

Leadville Prep

Fast forward to now, Leadville is on the mend the race is just over a week out. Who better than to be a guest on the show than ME — the self-proclaimed mayor of the town. I am lining up for my 5th consecutive start at my favorite race. We chat about Leadville, the series, my strategies, and my failures. And how Tim is coming off the couch to pace me once again next week. Listen here.

Colorado Trail

Thanks to the boys for giving me an outlet to speak on this important topic. My wife is sick of hearing about it.