My Comfort Zone

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I turn 40 this year. God damn. That seems old. In my 20s, I had fun making waves. Somewhere in my 30s, I lost the desire to do that. Less stress. Less trouble in life. Spend my time on other things. Things that mattered more. Supposedly. And somehow through that transition, I lost a key attribute that I had previously … Read More

Insuring Nature

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My insurance company in Leadville denied our renewal after a site inspection. We were deemed a fire hazard. You get this worksheet and you get so many points you can score. We had too many. So in order to keep my house on the up and up, we had to call in some pros to help us do the heavy … Read More

Leadville Win Was (Not) Tainted

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ORIGINAL POST Started on Facebook via this post. Now I am bringing it here. While I was at the back of the pack struggling with my own race in this year’s Leadville Trail 100, there was something brewing up front. Rob Krar was the easy favorite in the race. Heck, our local even joked about the landslide prediction by … Read More

Longmont Dog Swim 2014

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Annually at the end of summer, our city closes down the pools by having a dog swim party. Its a great event. My old dogs were not swimmers so it wasn’t exactly their thing. However, this was the first year with the new dogs and I knew this would be right up their alley. When we got out of the … Read More

Leadville Trail 100 Run 2014

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Distance 100 miles Elevation Gain 14,541 feet Time 29:44:41 Rank 335 of 360 finishers/690 starters GPS Analysis Strava Son of a bitch. This race and I are like a bad couple. We just can’t get along but we still keep going out hoping to make it work. The lead up to the race seemed near perfect. Had everything dialed in. … Read More