Nine Inch Nails @ Red Rocks (Night #2)

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And we are back! This is not a repeat.

Nine Inch Nails

Last night was great! But when I said I was going a 2nd night, the critics said, “Why would you want to see the same show twice?”. Well, that’s easy! 2 reasons: 1) They are amazing. 2) It ain’t gonna be the same show. And it wasn’t! Trent came out in some big shit kicker boots and I figured that was the sign.

Nine Inch Nails

The vibe was totally different. Much more vintage NIN. Only “Find My Way” from the current album was played.

Nine Inch Nails

But the bigger news of the night was that I took a date! Reagan said she wanted to go see NIN play after seeing some of the concert video earlier in the year. Plus, as we drive to soccer, I often crank up NIN to get her ready to play. She enjoys this type of music. She loves loud stuff.

Us @ Red Rocks

So we got there later, got her a shirt, and got into position right before NIN played for maximum concentration of experience. She was blown away by how loud it was at the show. She could “feel the music”.

Reagan @ Red Rocks

I was a little bummed she didn’t hear “Copy of A” which is a favorite song of hers. But “Head Like a Hole” was and that’s her 2nd favorite. So her first concert ever was a success and she gets to tell people that she saw Nine Inch Nails @ Red Rocks for concert numero uno. That’s about as badass as it gets.

Reagan @ Red Rocks

The setlist:

Somewhat Damaged


March of the Pigs


Terrible Lie



Gave Up


Me, I’m Not

Find My Way

The Great Destroyer




The Hand That Feeds

Head Like a Hole


Well, usually I leave a lot of concerts, especially NIN, wanting more. The show was good and it could go on. After 2 nights in a row, I felt very satisfied. NIN might not be back around for a while but I sure got my fill over the last 2 days. Perfect summer concert(s)!