Nine Inch Nails @ Red Rocks (Night #1)

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What’s better than Nine Inch Nails at Red Rocks? 2 NIGHTS of Nine Inch Nails at Red Rocks! Yep, the summer tour is getting underway here in Colorado with back to back shows at our revered Red Rocks Amphitheater. Very excited.


I wasn’t sure what they were going to do for this tour but I had a hunch and I was right. When NIN returned after hiatus, they played Lollapalooza last summer and had this sweet stage show on wheels done with video carts. I wanted to see that live. Finally did tonight. But the show starts off really simple and builds from there.


Working all kinds of lighting and shadows into the mix by the end of the first song.


There were 7 panels in all being moved around by a team of unseen stagehands on the backside. Mid-song just shifting and reorganizing with total synchronization.


As the set progressed, more instruments pop out. The panels gain depth. Its a cool effect. The pictures do not do it justice.


In comparison to last fall, this tour has more native NIN angst in it. Closer even made a return to the set list. Started with Trent hid behind the panels doing a video of himself on them. Then spreading to reveal him.


I was finally over on the right hand side of the venue as I am always on the other. It was a nice change. Great views at row 7. Probably the best I have been there in a while because it was more centered. Anyway, can’t say enough of the show. I always leave a NIN show knowing that was the best I will ever see live. Its just a privilege to see it so many times over the last decade.


The opening act was some grunge band called Soundgarden. Ha. Yeah, those guys. Still alive and kicking with new material. I had never seen them so I thought it might be a cool opener. Frankly, I didn’t dig it. Their material has always been not quite there for me. I like the obvious hits but the rest is too “grunge jam band”. I just don’t get it. I mentally compared them to last week’s opener, Korn, and Korn blew them away. The crowd was nuts for Korn. Soundgarden just doesn’t bring the rage I like to see. To each their own. Plenty of people there really dug the set.


I found 2.5 Timko’s in the crowd before the show got rolling. Glad to see these kids out enjoying the show before life changes for them soon. Hope your baby rocks.


Here is the setlist for posterity:

Copy of A


Came Back Haunted


March of the Pigs


Terrible Lie


Gave Up

Me, I’m Not

Find My Way

The Great Destroyer




The Hand That Feeds

Head Like a Hole


I wonder what night 2 will bring. Same set? Different set? Doesn’t matter.