Avenged Sevenfold / Korn / Trivium @ Red Rocks / Denver, CO / 2015

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Another Mayhem Festival and the line up did not disappoint. And finally a show over at Red Rocks instead of Fiddler’s for a summer festival. I ended up with 6th row tickets for Sydney and I. She was excited to see M. Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold once again. But I was hoping I could introduce her to a few of my favorite bands as we worked through the line-up.

Trivium @ Red Rocks

Trivium was our first act that we saw. They are my favorite band in the line up. Only a short 30 minute set unfortunately but I am glad to see these guys getting on the big stage. Totally different set of songs this tour because Matt’s voice issues I hear. Still quite enjoyable. I think the crowd really dug them. I hope more people get into this band. They are winners.

Asking Alexandria @ Red Rocks

Asking Alexandria was next. They aren’t my favorite. Sydney and I escaped up to the top to see them while we chowed down on some dinner. Worked out well. But we had to get back down low to our seats for the next act.

Sydney @ Red Rocks

I take Sydney to these shows and everybody tells her how cool she is. Its neat. She was ready for Korn but wasn’t really sure she liked them. She knew a few songs but hadn’t been religiously memorizing songs like I asked her to. Bad kid. Oh well. I did have her take her iPhone and she snapped like a million photos and shot a bunch of video. It was neat to see her engaged in capturing the show a bit.

Korn @ Red Rocks

Korn is back after a bit of a break with some new band members. I thought “oh it will be nice to see Korn again”. No big expectations. Boy was I wrong. Those guy killed it. I mean song after song. Tons of energy. The crowd was nuts. I really enjoyed it and was excited to see such a veteran act show everybody how its still done. I felt almost tired after they got off stage. They could have headlined.

A7X @ Red Rocks

And finally, A7X closing out the show. They are solid every time. I can’t help but thinking of them as some high school kids that just nailed it. Great songs and the fans really dig them — men and woman. They are going to be around for a long time.

Red Rocks didn’t disappoint. I was glad Sydney got to see a show there. Its our best venue in the state and its always a treat to rock out at the Rocks.