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I guess my Bighorn post left people with the wrong feeling about where I ended up with that race. I felt like I had a decent run going but the knee hurt enough that I needed to stop. I felt like it was a freak occurrence and it was. I was running on it 3 days later on the roads. Then gave it a good test with a 3 hours jaunt through my home hills. Good to go.


The dogs make me want to get out more. Getting them tired is a goal of mine every day. I still enjoy running with friends but those dudes tend to be too fast for me most days. The dogs let me set the pace, which is convenient. But sometimes I am able to even push that pace on myself. I tend to be a daily morning runner. However, when I run the occasional afternoon, I feel like I have new gears. Such was the case on a post-work Green Mountain outing this past week. It was no PR for me but I was running stuff that I haven’t in a long time. That 70 mile shake out run in Wyoming does wonders for clearing you out I guess.

Green Dogs

Our summer schedule is finally starting to focus on time in the mountains now that camps and other event are winding down. We got the dogs last fall/winter so I was excited to take my buddies up some of the usual routes upon arriving in Leadville this week. It was mid-90s in Longmont so the escape to the 70s in Leadville was nice. However, Powerline still seemed smoking in the hot sun at altitude. After the earlier confidence booster on Green, I was ready to run the shit out of this climb up Powerline. Nada. Crapped out on the first hill. No oxygen. Welcome back. But we got up to the summit and came back down.

Power Dogs

The dogs were really hot. My 2 UD bottles are not enough for the 3 of us on a hour+ outing. No available creeks on this route. So when we got to the bottom to cross the bridge, the dogs just barreled into the water. Ozzy submerged up to his neck and just sat there. It looked wonderful.

Powerline Cool Down

At the store in Leadville later that night, I saw the recent paper where the initiative to limit racing in the city of Leadville failed to get signatures. The article shed some light about this individual who had tried a few times to make this happen here. I suppose the racers can be an annoying group. I swear its the bikers. The runners are saints. But this town is such an economic shit hole that I can’t support anything that keeps people away. There is no proper industry here anymore. Its all about tourism in mountain towns. And this town has a love/hate relationship depending on who you talk to. Service individuals will tell you that they live for summer so they can get tips and such to save up for the long winter. Its a lovely place in winter but there just isn’t a lot of traffic in town.


Speaking of driving traffic to town, I posted an event on Facebook for my annual night run for August 2nd. I have a lot of fun seeing everyone and its a real treat to have a group run that isn’t a race. We always have a great time and I am sure this year will be no different. So that leaves me wondering…Powerline hurt but a few weeks of re-acclimatization might fix that. A few hundred miles of training. Then a night run. Sounds like a plan. My season feels so unfinished without another run to Winfield and back. Maybe I ought to.

Hello, Tim…you busy August 16th?