Nine Inch Nails @ Red Rocks (Night #2)

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And we are back! This is not a repeat. Last night was great! But when I said I was going a 2nd night, the critics said, “Why would you want to see the same show twice?”. Well, that’s easy! 2 reasons: 1) They are amazing. 2) It ain’t gonna be the same show. And it wasn’t! Trent came out in … Read More

Nine Inch Nails @ Red Rocks (Night #1)

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What’s better than Nine Inch Nails at Red Rocks? 2 NIGHTS of Nine Inch Nails at Red Rocks! Yep, the summer tour is getting underway here in Colorado with back to back shows at our revered Red Rocks Amphitheater. Very excited. I wasn’t sure what they were going to do for this tour but I had a hunch and I … Read More

Mount Shavano (14,229′) & Tabeguache Peak (14,155′)

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Distance 11.01 miles Moving Time 4 hr 58 min Summit Elevation 14,229 feet & 14,155 feet Elevation Gain 5,365 feet Route Blank Cabin GPS Export KML GPX GPS Analysis Gamin Connect My climbing partners were up and ready for action again today. They sleep all week in preparation for the weekend adventures. Today, we had lots of time and the … Read More

Double Hope, Again

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Somebody once told me that I need to cut out running the easy parts of the course up here and concentrate on the hard parts. So I went back to the hardest again today for another go at it. Last weekend felt OK but I was pretty gassed coming up the backside. How would today go? Well, cooler temps for … Read More