15 Years Later

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Kim and I are celebrating our anniversary today. I think 15 kind of snuck up on us. I have known her since 1991. Married in 1999. It gets weird when you have known someone for more of your life than you have not known them. So a few throwbacks that my Mom dug up for your viewing pleasure.

Prom…circa 1992-1993. I was stoked to have a hot date to take to the big dance.


No surprise we are still married. She was the first woman to touch my lizard. That is Iggy, my iguana, in the picture. Kim actually influenced the purchase of said reptile. Her brother, Ben, was into them. So somehow, we decided I should get one and that was that. I raised him until I left for college and then my Dad took over. He was an interesting pet.


Enough throwback. Fast forward to today. Mother to my kids. Partner in my adventures. Here’s to 15 more…even in your lovely pants.