Pop Evil @ Summit Music Hall / Denver, CO / 2014

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With school out, I figured it was a perfect evening to take Sydney to a rock show with me. We got lucky because most indoor venues don’t allow anyone under 16 into shows. However, Summit Music Hall is all ages by design and that makes it a great place to see a smaller show for budding rock kids. I have … Read More

Not Quite Summer Yet

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Back to Leadville for the holiday weekend. It was wet and hailed on and off. Memorial Day is never a summer weekend in the mountains in my experience. Everything still looks pretty snowed in up high. Town and our yard is all bare but you will find the occasional snow pile in the shade somewhere. I took the dogs down … Read More

South Florida

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Kim and I went down to Miami Beach for a conference this weekend. We left the kids at home for first time in a long time. We arrived to a tornado at the Miami airport and huge rain. So much for the beach time. We had work to do anyway. I figured things would get better soon. On the last … Read More


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During my current running hiatus, I figured I would see if NASCAR suited me better. Turns out that they do not have a stereo in the car. Which is total crap. How would I crank up my metal during the race? Plus, it was really hot in there and the car wasn’t even on. And you have to be really … Read More