That Shit Hurt

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Last Friday, I posted this on Facebook:

It wasn’t the fresh lion kill that that got me today. I did a cartwheel today coming down upper Greenman. It wasn’t planned. Rolling along with Jeff Valliere and George Zack. Suddenly at those rock stairs between the two boulders my left foot caught on the root there and I went over. Scraping my head, tearing up my hands, gash down the leg, and a pretty sore hand. The worst was I got the wind knocked out of me and I just stared at George wondering if I would breath again. Then it came. But there is a big bruise above my right nipple and I can’t lift my arm more than 90 degrees. Probably my worst wipeout in running history. Hurting is getting old. See you back out there Sunday.

I spent the rest of Friday trying to stay seated wiping the blood off my keyboard from my yet to coagulate fingers. I was really ready for bed early and it hurt just to lay down. My right side was just sore with pain all around my right nipple.

Oddly, I woke up with no bruising on my chest. I figured it would be black and blue and have something sick to show. Nope. I was on soccer dad duty for the day and man that hurt. Getting in the truck sucked. Putting on my seat belt was agony. Just certain motions caused tons of pain. You don’t realize how you use your chest muscles day to day until they get hurt. The act of sitting down flexes them! But I made it through the day.

Sunday came and my promise to return to the trails seemed too far fetched. I could barely raise myself off my back to get out of bed. More of a roll maneuver but that hurt too. Let’s just rest another day.

For Monday, I figured I would do a slow jog during soccer practice. Great excuse to try it out. So I got on the track next to the field and shuffled along The uptick in breathing hurt as my lungs expanded into the bruised area. Ouch! 1 mile was all I could muster. It was really the jostling or bouncing up and down with each step that was relentless. Plus, it was so windy the soccer balls were blowing across the field on their own.

Well, today, we had crap cold and annoying winds so I stayed off the run again. But I found myself getting in the car a bit quicker. Putting on the seat belt hurt but I didn’t have to grit my teeth. Any improvement for sure.

So maybe tomorrow. But I hear that this sort of thing takes weeks to a month to get back near 100%. That really puts a damper on my May plan of cramming for my June 100 miler. But that was a bad idea anyway. I guess I am saying that I think I will live even though I really haven’t started running yet. But its going to take some time and its yet another roadblock in the start of this season.

Motivation is a funny thing right now. As soon as I start to see some of it, I get a new setback. Luck or destiny? Who knows. I am way past taking all this really seriously. I will take whatever comes and just try and keep running through it. Sure, I have DNF’d before…but I am too stubborn to DNS.