4 Hours Later

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Mud Dogs

The dogs and I are hitting a groove lately on these weekend runs. Averaging between 4 and 5 hours each time. Ozzy built up to it since we got him but Lizzy had a steeper ramp. They seem to survive just fine. Probably better than I am. Although, I have felt pretty chipper after recently. I remember many a time coming back to my truck after an outing of that length and everything on my body hurt. Now its just a normal affair.

The mud is starting to suck. Its nice leaving the spikes at home but returning with destroyed shoes isn’t. Been a good solider and marching right down the centerline, even on Mesa where all the people are off in the weeds trying to make their way down the trail. Once you are dirty, it just doesn’t matter. The dogs carry so much dirt home its crazy. It takes about 30 minutes in the shower to get them cleaned off. But they love it. So we do it.