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Our dogs have a lot of energy. And when the weekend roles around, its time to drain it. My wife does it during the week mostly. She takes them to the dog park almost every morning so they can get their butt sniffing on. Its a lot of running and chasing and stuff. They come back and are always tired. But on the weekend, we opt for trail runs together.

For years, I would run solo and always fret about what was going on back at home. But now, Kim seems to encourage me to get out there because she knows her babies like it.

Today, we finally were in town for one of those warm winter/spring transition days. We didn’t get started until about 10 AM but it was already over 50 degrees at that point. In Colorado sun degrees, that is plenty hot for running shirtless. I ended up carrying my spikes but never broke them out a single time. Still lots of snow and ice to contend with up high but it was all easily crossed over.

We hit Green and then proceeded over to Bear. That part of the trail pretty much sucks with the dogs. You have to leash them through that section and they don’t like it. Nor do I. But we comply. The summit of Bear was busy so we cruised over to South Boulder Peak and nearly took a nap there. It had to be over 60 degrees by this point. Ozzy was rolling around in all the snow on the peak like he couldn’t get cool enough. I worry about him this summer.

Then we descended via Shadow Canyon. Its still kind of a mess from the flood. Easily traversed but its like somebody shook it all up and its just not as smooth to go down as it once was. Crossed paths with Mackey there. When we hit the Mesa Trail, the dogs were starting to show signs of wear. But they hung tough as we ran the whole way back to Chautauqua. It was hella muddy the whole way. Tons of people walking outbound towards us so I felt the pressure to stay right on the centerline of the trail and just plow through the nasty mud.

Coordinated and met JV on his way up as we were finishing. Great day out on the trails with the dogs. Perfect temp. Summer ends up getting kind of hot and dusty.

A few shots from today…

Bear Peak was popular. See the little people on top?

Bear Peakers

Ozzy was in love with the snow on SoBo. Rolled around the entire time. Looked refreshing!

Ozzy Cooling Off

And another shot of Longs. This time from SoBo. Same freaking light issues. I want to carry my polarizing filter up there sometime and see if it fixes the shot. I warmed it up just for Chris this time.

Longs, Again

Off to my VO2Max test tomorrow…