Green Mountain

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It was only about 10 degrees when I left the house around 10 AM to hit the hill today. I didn’t think it would be fun. But upon arrival, the hills were shrouded in fog once again. Inversion? Saw TK in the parking lot and he confirmed it. Something fun about charging through the cold uphill in search of warmer temps.


The Flatties were being particularly difficult on the photos today. I really wasn’t sure how they would come out. It was like shooting in fog. This was my favorite of the day. A couple people crossing from the right. Gives you a nice sense of scale.

Green Mountain

The dogs are never cold. Always raring to go. They love the snow like this. Constantly running circles around me through the fresh powder.

Longs Peak

That shot continues to perplex me. Its Longs Peak the distance. I snap it about every time I go and it always comes back looking crappy. I can’t adjust it either. But see the white fog going across the lower 1/3 of the frame. That’s the inversion layer of fog hanging out down below. Thought it was cool to see the edge.

Green Mountain

And a selfie. Why not? See the blue sky? You had to be up there to catch a glimpse this morning. Up top it was almost balmly. No wind and totally warm. We sat for a while and hung out. Then ran back down. I was frozen when I reached the car. Thank god for seat warmers. I will be in shorts tomorrow.