4 Hours Later

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The dogs and I are hitting a groove lately on these weekend runs. Averaging between 4 and 5 hours each time. Ozzy built up to it since we got him but Lizzy had a steeper ramp. They seem to survive just fine. Probably better than I am. Although, I have felt pretty chipper after recently. I remember many a time … Read More

Judgment Day

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Previously. Today was the next phase of testing in the ongoing lung saga. I was sort of excited about doing this test because I had done it prior in 2010 a month before Boston so I had some data to compare against. I hoped that some exciting discovery would come out of this test. Nothing has happened in tests at … Read More

Triple Play

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Our dogs have a lot of energy. And when the weekend roles around, its time to drain it. My wife does it during the week mostly. She takes them to the dog park almost every morning so they can get their butt sniffing on. Its a lot of running and chasing and stuff. They come back and are always tired. … Read More

Nobody’s Listening

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For a long time, I have always had this edge to my personality. These types of things are hard for one to understand about themselves. It takes a lot of self introspection and noticing reactions of others. Who has time for that kind of crap? Once in an annual review at work, I got labeled with something that suited this … Read More