More Blowing

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Previously, previously.

Another appointment at the pulmonologist. A few different things on the docket for today.

First up, another breathing test. Same deal as last time. Breath normal and then you take a huge fast breath and then exhale painfully long.


Then you do it again after sucking on some albuterol as seen above. Well, here are the numbers for this round. They actually improved over last time, which surprised me. You see I was 112% of my age’s control group. Last time, I was 106%. The other thing to notice is the difference in the pre and post scores. The albuterol was administered for the post test and the scores went down. Not by much. But pretty much shows that albuterol isn’t effecting me a bit. However, the doctor was quick to point out that this test is at rest and albuterol not at rest might have an effect.


So the jury is out if the Singulair got me the extra points this week. Or it was just a better day. Or I finally knew how to breath in the test correctly. Doctor thinks there was improvement. However, the “at rest” thing is how they diagnose and treat this but its when I expose symptoms. So its time to do it in action.

The next step is a VO2 Max treadmill test like I did in 2010. The sweet part? Insurance is paying for it as part of the treatment. So we have data from that year when I was pretty fit — ran a sub-3 Boston Marathon a month after that test. Then we will have this new data. I don’t have that speed fitness today. And I didn’t have symptoms then. So who knows what this will produce. But they should be able to get some good air flow numbers as we work through the test. Maybe it will show that as stress increases, airflow goes down. That’s kind of my hope — meaning it would correlate with how I feel.

I had been complaining about the coughing, mucus and flem I get on runs. Maybe some part of all of this is triggered from my head draining as the run begins. I am dry at home but after 2 miles, you would have thought I was getting over a cold with all the ejection of fluids. So he told me to get on some over-the-counter sinus and allergy stuff. See if we can dry that part out during a run and then see what the effect is.


So the treadmill test is in a few weeks. Going to keep playing with my horde of drugs and see what combinations seems to work as we hope.

The journey continues…