My Back Hurts Now

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After what was likely the longest TO Leadville commute ever, we arrived late last night to find more snow than we have seen in years. My driveway entrance was piled as high as the windows in my Hummer. There was no way I was driving in tonight. So I spent from 12:00 AM to 1:30 AM with the snowblower making enough room to get 2 cars off the street. I was pretty whipped after the combination of the drive and the late night snow removal.

The next morning, I took the dogs for our usual winter run. We take snowmobile trails for portions of it. Unfortunately, there are no tracks to follow! The snow is so deep up through the area that the snowmobiles seem to be staying away for a bit until it compresses. As we left the neighborhood, I found myself sinking in powder up to my belly button and then my nipples at one point. I think I started to cry. I ended up crawling on my hands and feet about 100 yards just to make it back out to the Boulevard for some solid ground.

Roof Scraper

Upon returning home, I had to finish the driveway which is no small feat. I broke 2 pins and a belt in the process. I was working the machine. The big task was trying to get snow off the roof. There was an emergency order this week to get your room cleaned off or suffer the fate of the store in town that just plain collapsed recently. The snow is heavy right now.

My Stick, Sucker

The dogs were in heaven all day as they made mazes through the snow. They could basically jump up on top of it and run quickly without sinking. Humans were instantly waist deep wherever they went.

Snowshoes Not Required

This was Lizzy’s first time here and I am not sure if she knew what was going on with all this snow.

Just Waiting

More scraping. After the driveway and the roof, my hands are just raw and I have blisters everywhere. Ouch.

Roof Scraper

The big reason we are here is that my sister came into town for the long weekend. They played with the kids outside in the deep snow for hours and built this monstrous snowman. Again, these usually are hard to build here because the snow is so dry but not right now.

Large Snow Dude

Here’s to winter! And the end of it…in due time.

Out of My Way