Something Snapped

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I started into my daily routine of suiting up for my run. Then something was wrong.

The band fell off my watch. The rubber had ripped around the clasp. Damn. It almost felt rewarding for a second. This watch goes on all adventures and daily grinds with me. Its the only consistent thing I take that I don’t have backups for anymore. Its been a tried and true companion.

Usually, I would take the opportunity to justify a completely new overblown purchase of the latest gadget in the category. However, this time, I am not going to.

This 310XT has been solid and I don’t feel like there is a better watch out there at this time. I did not do extensive research though. I just hear people bitch about their fancy new watches and how the bevels suck in the rain or whatever. This thing never messes me up or slows me down.

For the next few days, a twisty tie seems to do the job. Amazon Prime will have me a new replacement band in a few days for cheap. Then she will be all good once again.

It continues to amaze me that these watch companies are not innovating in the direction that everything else is. The smart phone running apps are loading up the social run features. Then from the other direction, you have the fitness monitors (Jawbone, Fitbit, etc.) becoming the wearable monitor. And watches themselves are expanding, like Pebble, to integrate with your smartphone.

I really want all of those in one. I will wear a watch all day that can do all of these things for me. I envision:

+ Waking up and having the watch monitor sleep patterns

+ Getting some calorie counts while I move about during the day or play with kids

+ Flipping on a mode and having the watch move to run GPS mode to do what I am used to

+ Showing me texts on my wrist while I am running so I know if the server went down and I have to get back sooner than I thought

+ Returning home and having it upload the necessary data to share, analyze, and amaze everyone on Facebook

I guess a lot of that depends on having the smartphone with me on the run. I do this a lot but its not in my field of view. Its in my shorts or my pack. I bought a few pairs of shorts that have a special pocket placed right on the side for the phone. Gives me some comfort knowing I am connected if and when I need to be during any issues that arise during a run — which seems to happen more and more. Some might not be into such things…”I run to get away”. Well, yes. But its nice to know that while you are away, things aren’t exploding. And maybe snap a picture now and then. Or call 911.