I Still Run 100s

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The sports media (and by that, I mean my Mom) have been asking me what my race plans are for the year. I was trying to be all quiet given the current lung thing. Its making me gun shy about committing to anything. I have been in the mood since the LT100 that if I can’t be my best, then I don’t want to be (there). I am currently on my drugs and its not a miracle cure but its only been a week. Won’t have my follow-up visit until mid-February. The rub was that all the races that I might want to participate in having deadlines and are selling out. So sometimes you have to gamble a bit.

I was obviously tweaked last fall with the LT100 falling out of the HR100 qualifier list. That was just a nice perk of running the hometown race. No more free passes there. And all in all, I really want to get to the HR100 someday. Feels like the crowing achievement or something. So as my ticket count kept going up exponentially, I start feeling like I have a chance — even though I have yet to EVER get on the waiting list. So I looked over the list of potential qualifiers. A lot of choices but I quickly threw out those I would have to travel on a plane to out of state. I just would rather budget my race different and have less logistics. The left me with a few choices.

The next piece of criteria was that I wanted to race in early summer. I did WS100 in June in 2012 and although it comes around quick, its nice to get the summer kicked off quickly so you aren’t wasting your summer away. That really narrowed things down and I decided to sign up for a little race up in Wyoming to be held June 20th…

Bighorn Mountain Wild and Scenic Trail Run 100M

I wanted to put a race logo there — but they don’t even have one!

Just based on course records alone, it seems like a slower 100 miler than those I have done in the past. More vertical gain too but lower elevations overall. It curiously starts at 11 AM on a Friday. Finish cutoff is 9 AM on Saturday night. This doesn’t sound so bad. Start in sunlight and finish in sunlight as well. So in for a long Friday night but when haven’t I had to run through the night in a 100 miler. It will just be weird to hit the turnaround sometime in the dark I guess.

Its an out and back course. And there is also a 50 miler going on. But those people start at the 1/2 way point at 6 AM. So I guess we will all be running back together somewhat.

I would like to show up in great shape and be ready to race. But honestly, I am down playing it. I just want to go and have a decent run where I feel steady. Trying out a few of the new changes I resolved to make in 2014. And a finish is all I need to keep that HR qualifier alive for 2 more years. So it doesn’t feel like a ton of pressure like I do every time at Leadville with the clock looming.

So there…I am finally trying out a different 100 miler. Wasn’t sure I ever would. I have always been attracted to the ones with more brand name recognition. But maybe I skipped a step and going to something smaller is how I can get back in the game.

A couple more things up my sleeve for the year too…but I want to get things cleared up at the doctor before I commit to not quit — once again.