Green Day @ AT&T Park / San Francisco, CA / 2013

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Dreamforce 2013

I am a long time, many times of Green Day. And when they canceled their February 2013 appearance in Colorado I was bummed. Fast forward and I find out they are headlining the Dreamforce Gala in San Francisco. This is super convenient because I am launching our new product at Dreamforce. Score! This was to be Green Day’s first corporate gig ever. Don’t quite start thinking they sold out as the show was a fundraiser for the Oakland Children’s Hospital, near where the band hails from. Good enough.

So the day turned to rain. Pouring rain. The concert was outside at the ball park where the San Francisco Giants play. They gave all attendees a rain poncho but I was soaked from the walk over. Should have brought my umbrella. Dang it. I took Eric Burke as my date. Gotta an extra pass from a co-worker that wasn’t going.

Blondie opened the show in the rain. It was OK but I focused on eating and staying warm for now. The stage was setup out in right field. One of those usual stadium show type scaffolding stages. Legit setup. The outfield was covered in plastic boards so we didn’t get all dirty on the field or more likely ruin the field. Its a technology conference so the crowd wasn’t moshing in the rain but they were definitely lively.

About 1/2 through the set, the audio shrieked and went out. That was a first. Later we learned that the canopy above the sound board ripped and the water splashed down on it. Ooops. Billy Joe didn’t give up. I wasn’t sure if he even knew for a few songs. He kept right on going. Playing acoustically to the front of the crowd and making them sing with him. He was there to play and he never stopped. About 30+ minutes later, we got back some sound and then finally the whole thing was back on. Billy Joe made a joke about it but gave no impression that it ruined the show. He kept marching on through the rest of the set.

Plenty of articles on the concert here and here. Later learned that big artists were in attendance like Neil Young and Lars Ulrich too. Metallica played this event a few years ago apparently.


99 Revolutions

Know Your Enemy

Angel Blue

Stop When the Red Lights Flash


Before the Lobotomy

Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)

Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)

Basket Case


Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Wake Me Up When September Ends

Going to Pasalacqua

Wild One

When I Come Around

Jesus of Suburbia

American Idiot


Nuclear Family

Stay the Night

Rusty James


A few random shots:

Dreamforce 2013

Dreamforce 2013

Small video clip with a spin around the field:

Good show. Definitely would have been amazing with better weather and no sound issues. Oh well. I won’t complain about a free work-related Green Day concert any day!