Nine Inch Nails @ Broomfield, CO / 2013

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2nd NIN show in less than a month. Yes, please. I could go every night. When seeing them, its always a debate between best show and greatest show. I scored a last minute ticket for my neighbor, Dmitri, so I had a date. He has been bugging me about going for months after he found out I was going to the sold out show. So I kept an eye out and found more tickets got released so we got him in. We met up with the Timkos down at the venue too. They were at a nearby bar so we joined them for a bit of pre-party. It was good seeing them.

We walked into the venue just as the opener finished so there was no time wasted. The crowed was thick so we hung back by the sound board until the show started. “Copy of A” was first as has been on this entire tour. We watch from a far and then when the lights went down, we made our move. I started pushing a freight train of people right up through the middle and in now time, we made it up to the front pit. You can always just push your way up and keep saying “pit” over and over and people tend to just move over. Saves you a lot of time and energy. Come late. Go up front. Always works.

The crowd was a bit rowdy for a while but we were right on the edge of the pit where characters were developing. Like “troll dude” who was dancing to his own beat. Then “bald dude” who was just hurling people that came near him in the pit. Its like entertainment by itself. Back to the music…

Slightly different set than DC. The same big cornerstones but they changed out some songs. Some of the effects changed too. There was probably less stuff so maybe they took out some of the complications as the tour went on. Fun seeing it from up high before then 10 rows back on the floor. Different perspective. I wouldn’t trade up close for anything but the seats are good because you see more of the intent of the effects versus seeing through them at times. But there were up close things that I didn’t see from a far last time. Like they had this red back screen backdrop where when they lit it, the band looked like 2D characters in a video game live. It was trippy. I didn’t catch that from the seats.

Here is the set list:

Copy of A


Terrible Lie

March of the Pigs


All Time Low

(with Closer snippet at end)


Came Back Haunted

Find My Way

Various Methods of Escape


(Altered version)

The Big Come Down

In Two



A Warm Place

Somewhat Damaged


The Hand That Feeds

Head Like a Hole


All the Love in the World

Even Deeper

While I’m Still Here

Black Noise


Great show and I hope this continues on and comes back around. I am there every time.

Some media from the event…

NIN @ Broomfield

NIN @ Broomfield

NIN @ Broomfield

NIN @ Broomfield

NIN @ Broomfield

NIN @ Broomfield

NIN @ Broomfield

NIN @ Broomfield

NIN @ Broomfield

NIN @ Broomfield

NIN @ Broomfield

NIN @ Broomfield

And here was the Timko photographing me from a far. Odd he would take a photo of someone with pants on.


A little video from up front to contrast with my DC video…

I was telling everybody about this video so I thought I would link it here for posterity. Shows what goes into putting a performance like this together creatively. Feels like something that would be cool to be a part of.

Until next time. So glad NIN is back.