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Took a quick trip to DC for a conference. 2nd time to the city. Last time we drove in and drove out the same day. This time, I was staying at a plush hotel a couple block from the White House. Right in the center of things. We were mostly held up in the hotel doing stuff for the conference but I got out for at least one run down to the local sites. It was cool to be so close to everything. Lots of runners in DC in the after work hours. More than about anywhere I have ever seen. Just out jogging the city. Felt pretty much right at home. The government was back open so everything was back in business.


Obama was in. The flag was up. But no sighting. The White House is still oddly hidden in a ton of foliage. Bunch of Secret Service out and around the whole complex.


Random statue of a dude in front of the Treasury.


The further away objective was the Lincoln Memorial. I had to run down into the WWII Memorial then down along the reflection pond to get there. Tons of folks out just enjoying the scenery.




Apparently, the Washington Memorial got hit by a recent earthquake in the area and has huge chunks of concrete falling out of it. So its up for repair.


Spooky dudes at this memorial.


Started running out of time and couldn’t make the haul all the way down to the Capitol. So a distance shot had to suffice. Needed to get back to the hotel for the show.


Our display for the evening.


Probably the most monuments-per-mile run I have ever done!

Had an evening event the next day at the Museum for Women in the Arts. In which I saw the work of this person. I am so not an art person. I have no clue or perspective. But for stuff that was painted, this stuff looked legit.


Everybody says we owe the Chinese all our debt. Well, they have a presence in DC as well…