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A day not just for kids. I had a display of rotten carrots that I tried to convince kids that it was the treat. Then I went with Sydney and we ran 2 miles worth of houses. I tried to prank every door we opened. Got some laughs. You can be anybody with a mask on.

Movie Credit

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A while back some production company contacted me about my Leadville footage. They wanted to use it in a film. Sure! Is this the Jake Gyllenhaal movie we have been waiting on? Oh, nope. Ugh. Who is the star? His name is Brooks Williams, do you know him? That wanker! Of course. We go way back. And so I turned … Read More

Ultras: Times Are Changing

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About a week back, the Western States 100 board changed their qualifying list to basically kill off the 50 milers that they had. Many had asked for this change over the past few years to ease up the lottery pressure. I was one. I thought it was a good move. Western States is the original and its limited in size … Read More

Voting Time

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Let’s see what major things will I need to wrap my head around on this fall’s ballot? School funds? I always vote no. Do more with what you have. My kids go to private school anyway. At least right now. Tax weed? Yes. Now that its legal, I imagine there is going to need to be “infrastructure” to deal with … Read More

Nine Inch Nails @ Washington DC / 2013

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So this was perhaps the most randomly lucky thing ever. We just finished up a whirlwind conference in DC. I went to the social event at the Museum for Woman in the Art. Had my nice stuff on and my company shirt. Did a nice meet-n-greet and then decided to head out. I called my wife to sync up and … Read More