Wet, Again

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The rains came again today. Hard rain for most the day. The final surge they say as I read the forecast.

I poached from photos from our paper, the Times-Call, to share. They have stuff all over town but here are some from my neck of the woods.

Here is Highway 119 by my house. A 4-lane 65 mile hour road. The St. Vrain river cuts under it at a new bridge that we had renovated just a few years back.


Same section but you can see this truck making their way east.


Above the bridge. Road is still closed and there are National Guard there with Hummers keeping people off it. Looks like some quality road damage so I am not sure what they will do after the water subsides. Seems like the road isn’t safe.


St. Vrain State Park, where I run occasionally. Just a few miles from my house. You can see I-25 across the top. We are looking east.


Another video shot by some locals out of a chopper. They do some good description. This is basically staring at Golden Ponds (over by Home Depot) and flying east almost to my house. It looks like a big stream of water but that’s mostly road and land that is under that water. The river isn’t that big.

At 0:37, you can see the bridge that leads from Roger’s Grove out to the Greenway trail…by the listening rocks. The water is touching the bridge. Geezus. At 1:29, you get a status on Left Hand Brewery. These guys have lots of other videos if you are into this type of thing.

Our high school up the road is a Red Cross evacuation shelter now. Kids are out of school locally for most of the week. Its like an extended vacation that nobody really wanted. So many people displaced. So many home flooded. We are lucky to live where we live up high. But our town will be forever changed by this.