Weekly Training Summary (37.04 Miles / 5:31:47)

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The wind calls your name, get out of your bed

Go on to the rails, the raven will lead

Judgement will prevail, the hangman is here.



Mon – Off: Labor Day. Leadville. Concert.

Tue – Easy 5M: Back at it. Super hot out. Walked some to ease up hip.

Wed – 8 X 800M: That hurt. Got better though after a few. I bailed on the 4th half way mentally. Then thought to myself, what was that? Running these on roads is a challenge with the hills.

Thu – Slow 7M: Slow is sub-8 pace in this round. Its not really slow. Feels OK when relaxed.

Fri – Yoga + Mount Sanitas: It was super hot. Blinded by sweat. 23 up. I need to get back and break 20 on this someday.

Sat – Slow 14M: Pseudo-long run. Just tried to hold pace and see if I could get around 15. Ended up tightening up bad around 11 and struggled to complete.

Sun – 4 x 100-200-300M: My first track session. With GZ, Timkos, and Shad run by Lucho. Didn’t kill me. I just have no proficiency. Need to get familiar with it. Doing this will PR me in a 5K surely.


Training Load 2013-09-09


Why I am writing this? Well, I used to be somewhat regular and anal about these reports. They drove me to some level of accountability for what I was up to week to week. And I know a few people (Glenn!) love graphs. So after Leadville, I went in search of some answers. This wasn’t a big come down from the mountain session. It took all of a short run to decide.

And one thing I figured was that I got better results when I got back to basics. Basics? Marathon training. So over the past few weeks, I dug out one of my old plans and revised it for sub-3. Now I am seeing how I match up with it. Answer: It sucks. I jumped in to fast and ripped up my right hamstring. Ouch.

The other thing that this hamstring told me is another well known thing. From the day I started running! I am so tight. Tightness is my limiting factor. I can’t bend at all and this creates all kinds of issues in my running mechanics. I can’t lift my legs. But when I do I can speed up. So I need to get loose. Trying to take it a bit more seriously. How can I fix this? Yoga. I started going. Jury is out but it was interesting. Not sure once a week will get me anywhere but I should learn a few things I can apply at home. Laying on the floor and trying to touch my toes isn’t working.

So I threw the graph up this week. Mostly to see if I could figure out how to generate it again. Boring for now. And its not super realistic as I started at 0 after a week off after Leadville. Oh, what the heck. Gotta start somewhere.

Inhaler is becoming regular but I am not sure its really the solution. It does cut down my coughing. While in Leadville on Labor Day, I was just eating breakfast and went into a major cough spell. No running involved. I hit the inhaler and it calmed down. Hmmm. There is less coughing on the run too. It just doesn’t feel like some magical cure. The silver bullet so to speak. But I will play along and see. I probably need to test it out in a real scenario.

So eying a bunch of different races for the fall too. Boulder, Denver, etc. The problem is that they all cost money. Not sure I want to spend $75-$100 to run when I can do it for free at home. I feel like I need to race only when there is some tangible benefit. Like getting a BQ. So I will just keep them on my calendar as motivators right now and see how things progress over the next few weeks. Maybe things will come together a bit.

So not a lot of miles on the week but I worked harder than I have in a long time. And I am so done with the heat. There I said it.