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Got the training compound cleaned up on Sunday after a long month of runners coming and going. It was sad to shut things down and remove the flags. But its also good to move on. It rained hard Sunday afternoon. Glad that didn’t occur during the race. For as wet as the weather was all summer, we got a brief window for great conditions on Saturday.

I got myself home in one piece to Longmont and quickly made an appointment to see my physician. If something is in the lungs, maybe he can hear it still. Luckily I got in today. He listened to my breathing and didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Drat. But I had a semi-annual log of this complaint that had him intrigued. After explaining the events of Saturday, he gave me the plan.


I get to carry this little sucker for the next month on runs. Experimenting as we go. First, I am supposed to hit a puff when the symptoms come on. I know exactly the spot on every run. Its about 1.5 miles in. I end up having to stop, cough until I cry, then feel better and move on. Takes about 5 minutes. This is supposed to cut that down or out depending on how quick I get in front of it. Once I establish the effectiveness there, I am to hit the puff before the run and see if it prevents the incident entirely. Report back.

I wanted to just have lung replacement surgery and move on but apparently we do not have that technology yet. So we need some data from this simple inhaler exercise. If the albuterol does what it does, it will calm that airway muscle and keep me breathing normally. That seems to be the clear way to diagnose — if the solution fixes the problem, then you have the problem? OK. If that doesn’t work, it can be a more complicated case. In that case, he will move me to their pulmonologist at the hospital. They have tests to stimulate different types of asthma flare ups in your lungs. I wanted to do that today. Like now. But my doctor is more conservative with your time and money so he said I had to run this through first. OK. Deal. I will start tomorrow.

Minus a little ouch in my right ankle, I am moving better than I have after any race ever. Hell, the Silver Rush put more of a damper on me. I never really worked hard in a muscular sense in that race. I took it easy to Twin Lakes, then couldn’t do much on Hope Pass. Hoping that this inhaler does some magic, because I might have some legs to do something else this year in that case. I feel unsatisfied.

Spent a bunch of time catching up and congratulating friends. I saw some breakout performances and I felt great about what they achieved. Makes me feel positive that under the right conditions, I can once again jump forward myself.

There was also a lot of criticism going around about the race this week. Most of which centers around the fact that the race is too big for the level of support that is given. I was going to write up a blog post on it but I see others have more juicy stories. My race was more effected by me than the management. However, if we tell them, hoping they will listen. I have people telling me that they want to hear. So do that. Tell them. I posted a thread on for people to give feedback. I am sure you can do it on your blog, or Facebook, or whatever. But if we get some critical items outlined here, I will deliver to LRS management and asked for them to be addressed with all our names behind it. Power in numbers? Take a peek.

Trying to get back into the swing of things…