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The fork. Go right to run. Straight to bike. Or left to nowhere.


Spent the extended holiday weekend in Leadville. Had it in my mind that running wasn’t the priority for the weekend being that it was between the marathon and the 50. So I got a few good runs in and felt satisfied. Really was hacking a lot too this weekend up there.

I abandoned my Double Hope when Andy Wooten told me he wanted to run from Twin Lakes inbound to his camp. That was a much better idea given the carpool logistics that Melissa handled for us. We started and hiked out of Twin like you would in the race then kept a decent pace back to Pipeline. That portion of the course seemed so short today. The road to Fish was long as always especially with a bit of a headwind.

I wore my hydration pack on that run to test it out. Was debating it for Silver Rush. My 2011 failure there was hydration in the 2nd half. I need at least 2 bottles for Iowa Gulch. Not sure I want to carry that pack all day though. Decisions. Part of me just says do it because its a better LT100 test. Who cares about 50. I also wore some Inov-8s on the run and my tendonitis flared right up on the road to Fish. Good to know. Keep experimenting.

Worked a ton on my outdoor project this weekend. My hands and back are sore from the lifting. Headed to chiropractor today. Ready for the next phase of the build though.

My right foot is about the same. 0 impact on my running happy to say. Getting out of bed is the worst part of the day. It warms up though and seems to be fine after. Just doing what I can to nurse it through the summer at this point.

Hardrock is this weekend. Still on my bucket list. JT going for his 5th finish. Hero.

Less than a month till the night run! Geez. Summer goes quick.

Been asked about the crew and pacer plan for LT100 this year. Well, its all new. I am going to be going mostly pacerless and crewless this year. What? Yeah, that’s the plan. My wife is going to crew at 2 or 3 spots during the day and only ones that are convenient for her. My sister will not be making the trip. After 3 years of Leadville, it was time for her to take a break. I appreciate everything she did in the past but I don’t want her to be committed to a lifetime of crewing. Drop bags to the rescue. On the pacer side, JT says he will come from running the Ascent on Pikes to run Hope Pass with me, then to return to run the marathon on Pikes the next morning. Proves he is nuts. He should liven the mood though for that grind back over Hope. Then I leave Twin solo for the run home. I haven’t ever been pacerless in a 100. You just use them because you can use them. I have had various folks over the years (JP, TL, NP & Natalee). All have helped or inspired me in different ways. But running for me most of the time is a totally solitary endeavor. For some reason when its the biggest race of the year, you pair up with a pacer. So not this time. I hope that doing it this way brings something new out of me. Some sense of urgency or focus or awareness. I really hope I am not blowing my opportunity at the big prize by doing this but I think its time to give it a shot. I have to be on my game the whole way home.

Sunday is the 50. Back up to Leadville in a few days after I do some work, recover low, and get some more lumber!