Run: Mount Elbert (9.35 mi)

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Again? Yes! 2 in 3 days. This time JT had a posse going up so I joined in. Was off by about 4 minutes from the prior hike. Felt it in my legs the whole time. I brought up the rear in the crew. I was steady though. Made up some ground once we got up to about 14K and … Read More

Run: Mount Elbert (9.45 mi)

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The Fuller Family finally got a break in the schedule so we have been in Leadville all week. This gives me a good opportunity to run quality stuff each day. I did a nice evening loop of Turquoise Lake the other night in the clockwise direction which felt like a sin. Been hitting Powerline over lunch. But this morning, I … Read More

Lake Leadville

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Last season’s late kayak purchase didn’t offer us any time to get into the water. So I have been waiting for the lake here to melt and us to get some warm days to offset the frigid lake water temps. Today was the day. We got all four boats down to Tabor Boat Ramp and pushed off. We paddled out … Read More